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Our Creation Story

auburn-openingIn May and June of 2008, a group of about thirty Sacramento area climbers met to discuss issues in nearby climbing areas in order to ensure such areas were properly cared for and maintained for future generations.

This group identified several areas which have been closed or partially restricted to climbing.   In addition, areas that sustained environmental impacts from overuse and neglect were brought to the group’s attention.  Safety concerns for those and other areas were also discussed.

Ultimately, this group decided to formally organize itself into a local climbing organization and affiliate with the Access Fund, a national climbing advocacy group representing over 1.6 million climbers.  Dedicated and driven, these local climbers work to protect climbing access and educate climbers about safety and sustainable climbing practices.

Thus was born Climbing Resource Advocates for Greater Sacramento (CRAGS).

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you meet?

Currently we alternate between Sacramento Pipeworks and Rocknasium for general meetings.  Please check our Events Calendar for times and dates.

How often do you meet?

Our meetings usually take place once a month. Stay informed on our events and meetings by checking our Events Calendar or Facebook page.

How can I help?

We would love to have everyone contribute to the organization. Please contact us at info@norcalcrags.org or use the contact form to drop a line.  If you’d like to see us in person, please check the events and news for the next meeting. You can always help by either becoming a member or donating directly. You can also volunteer at one of our Adopt-a-Crap events, and help in a more physical way!

How do I donate?

If you aren’t a member, please become one! With a joint membership through the Access Fund, part of your membership fee goes to supporting CRAGS. Otherwise, you can donate to the CRAGS general fund or donate directly to your favorite Crag. You can also show your support by joining us for one of our fundraiser events, such as the Reel Rock Tour.

How do I join?

EASY! Just click the “Join Us!” button at the top of the page.

How do I raise an issue with an area?

Please contact us at info@norcalcrags.org or join us for one of our board meetings if you would like to suggest a new area for CRAGS to support.

How does membership benefit me?

By joining CRAGS you are making a statement that you want to take an active role in supporting a sport that you love. As our mission states, our goals are to help support a clean and healthy environment which we intend to do through programs such as Adopt-a-Crag where we will go as a team go and clean up local climbing areas. We do this not only to show appreciation for the opportunity to use what in many cases is private land, but also so that we can be proud of the areas where we love to be.


A Note from our Executive Director


What a great year 2015 was for CRAGS, and what an epic year 2016 is shaping up to be. With everything that has happened in the last year and a half it’s hard to believe our meager LCO (Local Climbing Organization) was started just 8 years ago. Our goal was to rally the thriving climbing community around the Sacramento Valley to reopen Auburn Quarry to climbing. With a small group of leaders and dedicated members, they drafted and proposed a solution, and it worked! ASRA agreed (although with concerns) and climbing was back in the Quarry. Fast forward 8 years later and our meager LCO is sitting at a table with ASRA leadership staff, REI, and one of our founding leaders and myself talking about a Climbing Festival in Cave Valley (AKA Auburn Quarry) this fall!

The day-to-day volunteer work is tough, but like anything worthwhile when you look back and see how far we have come… It’s like climbing itself; you look up and see something that seems too big to conquer. You commit, and little by little you work your way up, through technique, strength, and sometime sheer will, you move up. And when you are done you look back and you are filled with accomplishment.  Which is all the better when you are part of a team.

Let’s look back at what CRAGS has done in the year and a half since we last wrote a State of the Organization address. 2015 was the beginning of our largest growth year. We spent more time tabling at climbing events than ever before in 2014, so 2015 showed a real and measurable volunteer base and membership increase. This year we plan on tabling more, and are looking for volunteers to staff our tables. Same is true for Adopt-a-Crag events. In 2015 not only did we do our Annual Love the Leap event, we did our first Adopt a Crag at Donner Summit’s Blackwall. Our hope is that we can continue this as an annual event and help reduce the environmental impact on this climbing area.

2015 was also a great year for spontaneous social events. We as a Board of Directors decided that we needed more social events on our calendar, something just focused on bringing the climbing community together. We had pint nights at 3 three local breweries, a “bad climbing movie” night at Pipeworks climbing gym for its 20th anniversary, and a “great climbing movie” night at Yolo Brewing. In the upcoming months we plan on doing a collector’s series of beers with Yolo. We had our first event at Granite Arch climbing gym, and continue to get amazing support from our local climbing gyms. We had two world renowned climbers, Hans Florine and Alex Honnold, come and speak for us.

We continue to grow our annual Reel Rock Film Festival attendance and foster deeper relationships with staff at the U.S. Forest Service, Auburn State Recreation Area, BLM, other park officials, and private parties within the climbing community.  This year REI awarded us $2,000.00 to buy trail tools for our Adopt a Crag events!

So halfway through 2016 and with much more to come this year, not only are we proud of our accomplishments, but excited for more challenges. Like our Route 50 Corridor Cleanup (“50CC”). 50CC is a multi-year effort to address issues at Phantom Spires, Sugarloaf, and Lover’s Leap. To protect and improve access, and give back to these climbing areas that have given so much to us.

Thank you for your support, because none of this is possible without you, our members.



Daniel Frederick,
Executive Director

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