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Adopt-a-Crag at Lover’s Leap May 9th

Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 10:00 am is our annual Adopt a Crag event at Lover’s Leap.

The event will involve some giving back, by doing trail work on Saturday morning along side the Access Fund Conservation Team.  We will be mainly in the Dear John Buttress area. After we roll up our sleeves for a bit, we will relax, climb, and camp out for the night at the Leap.  We plan to have a BBQ and campfires with lots of fun.  Climbing will happen the next day with friends on Sunday. It is a great place to meet new people, find climbing partners, and get connected with CRAGS.

We hope you can come, because each year we make more progress and more memories, with new and old friends.

We will have some campsites reserved for our CRAGS people, but if you want to camp out, I recommend you arrive early to set up your tent!  We will start the adopt a crag at the picnic tables nearest to the Leap’s parking lot at 10 am, so try to arrive at 8 or 9 to set up your campsite.


Lover's Leap Adopt-A-Crag flyer

Flyer for May 9th, 2015’s Adopt-A-Crag at Lover’s Leap.